The world of Vana’Diel is the setting for this campaign as well as for the Final Fantasy XI MMORPG. The three major continents are Quon, Mindartia and Aradjiah. Our current campaign will focus on the former two.

The Republic of Bastok and the Kingdom of San d’Oria are located on the western continent of Quon; southwest of Quon is the Kuzotz region, a land mass which is home to the Altepa Desert. The Federation of Windurst is situated on the eastern continent of Mindartia, and the jungles of Elshimo lie to the southeast.

These two continents are very closely connected at a single point and several great bridges span that divide, allowing adventurers to travel and trade between the two. Atop of these bridges sits The Grand Duchy of Jeuno.

Combined, these two continents along with the Outlands of Elshimo and the Zepwell Island region make up the Middle Lands of Vana’Diel, where this campaign will take place. It is possible that travel to other regions will be made possible later.


Dreams of Vana'diel Wind